1.2 Billion Seconds (2021) – 55 cm x 62 cm – Alcohol markers on white paper, mounted.

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At the time of writing: I have been alive for approximately 1.2 billion seconds and I feel that I have wasted a lot of that time due to various anxieties. Each portrait has a story of its own and represents a snapshot of my life, from birth until the present day.

At 16, my art teacher said I could not draw so I gave up altogether until 2 years ago. This piece is dedicated to him, I resented him for years but I have been reunited with my love of art and have many more life experiences to share. So thank you. This piece is my line in the sand, to say ‘this is who you were’ what’s in the past is no more, time to move forward as a person and an artist.

My story hasn’t ended yet and have emphasised this by leaving some blank spaces in the bottom right corner.

Each individual artwork as available to purchase as a one-off NFT.