Blue Man (2021) – 121.92 cm x 96.52 cm x 2.5 cm – Oil painting on canvas

A piece exploring male insecurity and male vulnerability. Based on my body shape at the time of painting, I have historically had a dislike for my body and would over-eat for comfort.

As a child, my mother would feed me as a form of overcompensation for her childhood, and I got accustomed to expecting her to leave me some of her food at meal times. This piece delves into the mental trap of over-eating and its insidious grip on many people.

I saw a nude piece by Glen Pudvine (Our desire for the best is the cause of the worst. 10, 2020 Oil and canvas, framed 186.5cm x 156cm) and it really triggered me, I felt insecure, I felt angry but I really admired his work. This piece was the impetus to face my body insecurity and paint a nude self-portrait.

If you observe the piece closely, you can see my kidney transplant scar.

You can purchase limited edition, signed prints of this artwork and 10% of profits will go to Kidney Care UK.

Blue man (2021) and Artist, SLART.