The anaemic superhero.

THE ANAEMIC SUPERHERO (2022) – 60 cm x 80 cm – Acrylic painting on wood framed board

“Very low Iron Man” is a humorous take on my previous encounter with chronic kidney failure and anaemia.

Very Low Iron Man is in trouble, his blood haemoglobin is critically low and is very anaemic. He doesn’t know this yet, all he knows is that he’s incredibly tired and gets out of breath very easily.

Iron infusions were administered to him regularly but they didn’t help him feel any better. It wasn’t until he started having dialysis to remove the toxins from his blood, that he started to feel like himself again and join forces with Kidneyman to defeat the evil Nephropath!

You can purchase limited edition, signed prints of this artwork and 10% of profits will go to Kidney Care UK.

The anaemic superhero (2022) and Artist, SLART.