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BBC Points West Interview

Steven Light AKA SLART Pays Artistic Tribute to ‘Mossy’.

BBC News Article

Swindon collective effort to brighten up ‘tagged’ street

A conversation with Artist, Agata Oleksiak

Bad art teachers, the perfection of nature and going beyond The Self

An intimate conversation with Brooklyn-based, Polish Artist, Olek. They have been a great source of inspiration for me as an artist.

A Conversation with Susan Cain

Susan and I had a wonderful conversation about shyness, social anxiety, introversion and the beautiful gift of being sensitive.

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Swindon Link Article

Bringing art to our streets with the Redcliffe Collective

American Journal of Kidney Disease (AJKD) Article

Art as Psychological Support in My Kidney Disease Journey

National Kidney Foundation

Art and music therapy for Kidney Patients

National Kidney Federation

Artist Steve Light tells his kidney related story

Thomas Berryman TV

Thomas Berryman TV has a dedicated YouTube following. He interviews niche individuals, from reformed ex-cons to lesser-known rappers like H-Ryda and legends like The Mad Stuntman from Reel 2 Real. Despite his engaging content, he hasn’t gone viral, yet that’s okay. At present, he boasts 573 YouTube subscribers. Sharing a mutual love for ’90s Hip Hop, our conversation flowed effortlessly. You can watch the full video with glimpses of my artwork from my studio. Enjoy the chat!

52 Conversations

Part 1

Part 2