Kidneyman (2022) artwork with Artist, SLART.

KIDNEYMAN (2022) – 60 cm x 90 cm – Acrylic painting on canvas

I was in the process of documenting my journey with chronic kidney failure and felt inspired to paint this piece. I purchased two canvasses containing superheroes, heroines and villains from the Marvel and DC universes which inspired a superhero-themed painting.

Kidneyman is the superhero with 3 (soon to be 4) kidneys. You’d think this superpower would make his blood extra clean but unfortunately, all three kidneys have failed and only dialysis is keeping Kidneyman alive. The Supervillain, Nephropath, was responsible for insidiously destroying Kidneyman’s Kidneys.

Kidneyman is representative of the part of me that had to be strong throughout the whole ordeal of becoming ill with kidney disease for the second time. It is an expression with a twist of humour, as, at times of turmoil, there can be glimmers of humour there.

You can purchase limited edition, signed prints of this artwork and 10% of profits will go to Kidney Care UK.

Kidneyman (2022) artwork with Artist, SLART.